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Our Staff

Sandy Seegers

Founder, writer, editor

My father had a curiosity about celebrities, professional athletes in particular, so many weekends were spent at Two Guys Department Stores and electronics stores obtaining autographs and meeting players from New York teams. He quizzed the athletes, conversed with them, asking details about their lives, such as where they lived, how they got their big breaks, what foods they liked, where they grew up, how many children they had, what their hobbies were. I stood by my father's side, taking in all I could about my heroes.

Looking back, those experiences influenced my decision to pursue not only teaching but to have sports writing to fall back on. Writing became my profession and I went about it and still go about it with great passion, pounding out thousands of stories over three-plus decades.

Over time, I came to realize that high school and local sports appeal to me most. I feel privileged to tell people's stories.