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Lee, Morris Hills rise to top

RANDOLPH _ Described as bubbly and effervescent by one of her coaches, Morris Hills' Frances Lee is the perfect fencer to start off dual meets. "Frances is the first bout and it sets the tone for everything," said Lisa Campi-Sapery. "On old-fashioned teams, she'd be called a spitfire. She's all energy and gives everyone energy. Frances is exciting to watch. She's vibrant and galvanizes the team, male and female. She's our inspirational leader." On Saturday, Jan. 6, the Cornell-bound Lee was all of those superlatives and more. Lee claimed individual honors in sabre, leading the Scarlet Knights to their second…

Morris Fencing Championships

RANDOLPH _ Emily Huber's toe began to hurt near the end of the Morris County Fencing Championships. Huber, a Morris Knolls senior, wasn't going to let a little pain thwart her chance at a title so she ignored it, pushing onward. Not long after, Huber realized she had made the right decision and posed proudly with the rewards - a pair of gold medals. She earned one for being the top individual in sabre with a 5-0 record in the final rounds. The second time, Huber, 11-2 overall at the championships held on Saturday, Jan. 7 at Randolph High School, stood with her Golden Eagles teammates, who took first in sabre as a…

Abramson leads Minutemen

RANDOLPH _ Mendham senior Caitlin Abramson reminded her teammates that the Morris County Fencing Championships would be a start, the first step in a successful season. Do well in this meet and go on to bigger things.

Morley thrives with mettle, metal

PARSIPPANY _ Nichole Morley was sitting on the floor warming up and "trying to touch her toes" on the first day of fencing practice when Gill St. Bernards coach Elyse Gurnowski inquired about details of medical issues. It was then that Morley, a freshman new to the sport, made the big reveal.

Fairfield, Santsevich, Persau are top individuals

RANDOLPH _ Maria Fairfield scolded herself after losing her first sabre bout in the qualifying round at the Morris County Girls Fencing Championships. Fairfield, a Randolph senior, was called for searching - waving her weapon - and the penalty was costly and irritating.

Santsevich continues to roll

MORRISTOWN _ Katherine Santsevich was in position to strike with the score tied but didn't reach when she faced an opponent from Watchung Hills in a "B" strip epee bout at the Santelli Tournament. Santsevich, a sophomore from West Morris, hesitated and, shortly after, was struck and was edged, 5-4.

Morris Hills is county champ

RANDOLPH _ Soft-spoken, polite and petite, Morris Hills' Stefania Siragusa does not give the impression of being a major threat. However, put Siragusa in fencing gear and a different side of her emerges.

Mendham ninth at Santelli

MORRISTOWN _ Alicja Tomaszewski already had been fencing for seven years when she joined the Morris Hills High School team in the fall of 2013. "Alicja took things by storm," said Sara Ng, the Scarlet Knights' "C" strip sabre fencer. "She came in with a lot of experience."

Morris Fencing Championships

RANDOLPH _ Mendham's Sarah Zimmermann has an abundance of musical talent, performing with the New Jersey Youth Chorus as a mezzo soprano and playing the trumpet in the high school's marching band. Zimmermann also possesses exceptional fencing abilities.

Groething has winning touch

ROCKAWAY _ Willamina Groething considered herself unathletic before joining the Morris Hills High School fencing team as a freshman. Now a senior, Groething has made great strides over the last four seasons. On her wish list? A trip to the districts.